randy and dave in the lab


Randy O’Rourke founded Geotechnics in 1984 when he set up shop in the basement of his home in Edgewood, just outside of Pittsburgh. His wife Judy was accustomed to dirty clothes piled around the washer and dryer. However, when bags of dirt started to appear, it became a whole different story.

Of course, this prompted a discussion in the O’Rourke household and Randy proceeded to tell Judy about the company he envisioned, Geotechnics. And, yes, he outlined the important role her commandeered Tupperware containers would play for Hydrometers and soils mixing. Some thirty years later, by the way, those containers are still in use. You rock, Tupperware.

As Geotechnics began to grow, Randy reached out to his long time lab buddy Dave Backstrom and convinced him that together, they would make a great team.  He was right. Randy and Dave have been together ever since, a 30+ year partnership that’s been well-tested. Though the team, services and leadership have expanded over the years, the foundation of their business endures: integrity in testing.