Seneca Meadows


That’s a big fill to fill

Trash talking. It’s going on everywhere these days. And whether it’s recycling, composting, or methane reclamation, it generally comes down to finding a way to carefully and safely dispose of our mountains of waste. And new methods and technologies continue to redefine the nature of these man-made mountains.

Seneca Meadows is one of the largest landfills in New York state, accepting 6,000 tons of garbage a day from communities in three states. Located in the Finger Lakes region of the state, few sites are more scrutinized and even fewer are as innovative in their protection of the environment and redevelopment of the land.

State-of-the-art safety measures include landfill liner systems that are constructed in roughly 20-acre sections. Groundwater under the facility is protected by a double composite liner system, comprising 2 HDPE liners, 2 soil liners, and leachate collection piping. Another innovation is a massive tire recycling plant, providing reuse of over two million tires per year.

A recent addition to the facility is the Seneca Meadows Renewable Resource Park, a landfill gas-driven industrial development initiative, with a capacity of 17.6 megawatt/hour. This facility is anticipated to provide the equivalent power to satisfy the requirements of approximately 20,000 homes annually.

Seneca Meadows continues to build on its record of environmental stewardship with the construction of a wetlands restoration and education complex, and an environmentally focused community education center.

Based on all that’s going on at Seneca Meadows, we’re happy to continue trash talking.