Jamaica great testing site

Back in 1959, the sunny island of Jamaica really started to rock. Sure, there was the birth of ska music, the precursor to reggae, inspired by the vibe of the Caribbean and blended with newfangled American rock and roll. But that was also the year Alcoa took root there with the formation of Alcoa Minerals of Jamaica, a wholly owned subsidiary. Shortly thereafter, they began mining bauxite for export, with the first shipment in 1963.

Alcoa saw growth in the mining industry and, after completing a refinery in 1972, began exporting alumina to smelters around the world. In 1988, the Government of Jamaica acquired a 50 percent share of the operations, and the company Jamalco was born. Today, Alcoa owns 55 percent and remains the managing partner.

Through the decades, Jamalco has weathered the storm of massive hurricanes and the volatility of the metals market. What’s more, the firm has developed a deep commitment to sustainability and projects to support their focus. We’re grateful that geotechnical investigations have played a role in their endeavors. And welcome the opportunity to return on site anytime.