Brunswick Nuclear Power plant


Contributing more than energy

As if 1,800 megawatts weren’t enough.

A recent economic study revealed that, in addition to providing nearly 25 percent of the electricity needed by 1.3 million customers throughout the Carolinas, the Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant has “significant positive impacts” on the economies of four surrounding counties.

At the time of the Economic Impact Study, it was determined that the Progress Energy power station supported a total of 2,030 jobs, accounting for $100.8 million in personal income in the region. The operation supported nearly $500 million in economic output in its home Brunswick County. According to researcher Dr. Claude Farrell, “The Brunswick Nuclear Plant is the largest single stand-alone contributor to the Brunswick County economy with respect to income, employment and taxes.”

The study was conducted by Drs. Farrell and William Hall Jr. of the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

The Brunswick Nuclear Plant’s two boiling water reactors are located on 1,200 acres at the mouth of the Cape Fear River and is owned jointly by Progress Energy and the North Carolina Eastern Municipal Agency.

And all in all, they’ve generated a powerful success story.